Looking for a professional newborn online workshop?

Easy Flow newborn photography course will meet your expectations!

This workshop includes almost 150 minutes of video classes where I will explain these issues:

  • how to plan your newborn session so that all of them are successful and do not take more than 2-3 hours.
  • Easy Flow – this newborn session flow really works!
  • safety precautions while positioning a newborn baby in props and on a blanket, in “frog” position for example
  • the basic set of necessary props
  • setting white balance, studio light and camera
  • rules on cropping newborn photos
  • tips&tricks on getting a baby asleep
  • how to work with a fussy or colic baby
  • positioning in props – on a sofa, in a bucket, cradle, bed and basket
  • positioning on a table – 7 different positions
  • positioning parents and siblings – 12 different positions
  • how to wrap a baby and use wrapping to create a lot of different photos in a short time
  • photo editing from raw files to ready to go .jpg files – editing with and without aditional PS actions
  • photo editing is shown in two ways – with photoshop tools only and using a few additional PS actions

Do you have doubts if this course is for you? This quiz will help you decide:

If you answer yes to at least one of the questions - this workshop will definitely meet your needs!

Newborn photography is a specific kind of photography where you need not only photography skills but also knowledge how to handle and care for a newborn baby.

This online course includes three different real newborn sessions, filmed without amendments or repetitions only to show you step by step how a newborn session looks like and how to make it all work.

I show you how to prepare and stuff props, what pillows are useful and where to put them, how to hold a baby and put it in a prop or how change props without waking up the baby.

Each time I pay your attention to light direction, cropping and most of all baby’s safety.

This form of newborn workshops will let you watch, learn and repeat as many times as you wish and you can do it any time and place convenient.

You do not risk that the workshop baby does not “cooperate” or you cannot focus.

You watch the session and I tell you what I am doing and what to pay attention to.

The first baby is Hania – generally she sleeps nice but wakes up from time to time and needs a bit help to go back to sleep – this will be the majority of newborns in your studio.

The second baby is Łucja – she is a deep sleeping baby and thanks to sessions like that you can enrich your portfolio. Here you will see more demanding props and positions, like “frog” for example. This film has two parts. The second part of Łucja’s session is devoted to wrapping. I show how to wrap a baby in a potato sack and how to use wrapping to get a lot of different shot in a short time.

The third baby is Szymon and he is a big baby boy and has tummy problems. Here, you will learn how to handle a colic baby because you will have babies like that in your studio. Szymon has an older brother so you will also learn a few sibling shots.

In my opinion, lifestyle photography also demand knowledge how to work with a newborn baby, how to sooth the baby, prepare parents and know basic rules for cropping and from that point you can develop your own style.

Of course! For a year from buying the course you have an access to a free consultation on IG or whatsapp.

Generally, if something causes you problems you can always message me.

Find out what the course looks like:

After purchase, you will receive:

introductory film that will explain Easy Flow plan of a newborn session

three tutoring videos based on three different newborn sessions

postprocessing video (Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop)

description of the studio equipment I use

discount codes to workshop partners

free consulting for a year - you can contact me on IG or via email if you have any questions

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What has convinced me to make these workshops?

I have been a newborn photographer for at least seven years and through all those years I have tested plenty of different techniques finally arriving at this point now. I have worked out a flow, I call it easy flow, that helps me work fast, at ease and finishing each session with a full gallery for my customers.

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Buy the course!

After purchase you will receive a link to the course and this link works for a year! (a form of motivation ;))  If you need to prolong the access, no problem, email us and we will do it for you. Invoice comes directly after payment.

250 €

I am so thrilled I can invite you to my newborn studio and teach you everything I have been learning for years!

I love my job though in the past, it was not my primary occupation. It has developed when I was already working as a teacher… I was going into it more and more and finally dropped my “safe” work for the sake of studio photography. I have never regreted it and if you have doubts or worry that it will not work out because there are so many photographers around, take a deep breath and go ahead without considering pros and cons ;)

Now, working on these workshops I could in fact use both of my professions and it has been an amazing experience!

I really hope you will find this course helpful and it will meet your expectations! I am always ready to answer all your questions and help you with studio problems.

Enjoy the course, get inspired and please send us a feedback! :)

Easy Flow - Gabriela Hulbój

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