Newborn twins photography workshop


Newborn twins photoshoot ahead of you? After this course, you will do great! This video takes 50 minutes and is based on a full session of two baby girls. This tutorial will reveal almost all ins and outs of such a photoshoot.

The content:

  • how to prepare a twins session
  • what props are good and how to fill them with blankies and beans
  • step by step positioning in props, on a blanket, flokati and with parents – 12 different positions
  • a few tips on getting the babies to sleep
  • how to wrap a baby and get a nice “potato sack”
  • rules on cropping
  • all safety precautions

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  • After purchase you will receive a link to the course and this link works for a year! (a form of motivation ;))
  • If you need to prolong the access, no problem, email us and we will do it for you.
  • In this course, we do not focus on camera or lighting settings and there is no postproduction. If you need a full introduction to newborn photography, please have a look at our main video course.
  • If you message us after purchase of twins workshops, we will send you a discount code for the full training on newborn photography.
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